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Use Commas For Checking Keyword Density and Analysis

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Keyword Density in simple term is "The count of that particular Keyword and its ratio by whole word count of your Webpage" Keyword Density is one of the important onpage SEO factor for your website page in Search Engine Optimization world. For better onpage SEO you need to focus on high volume keywords that users searched in internet world.

You need to optimise your "target Keyword" frequency in your webpage to let crawlers know your page is ranked more in that keyword. However do not use more keyword text again and again it may affect your SEO onpage rank and may be penalised.
Keyword can be optimised by following method :

1) Calculate total count of words in your webpage.

2) Check your Target Keyword count frequency.

3) Focus on synonyms of the target keyword, and insert more in the webpage, instead of having same keyword again and again to avoid penalty risk

4) Search articles related to your target keyword from internet search and fine tune based on your requirement. Do not copy paste, duplicate article in your webpage from other article.

5) Have Question related to your keyword to make use of questions like what, how, when, where etc.
We have a Free Keyword Density checker tool to check count/frequency of your keyword for your website article webpage. Our SEO tool will give you "Name of the Keyword", "Keyword Count", "Keyword Percentage" You can also download Keyword density result in Excel, PDF, Word etc for your future use.

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